Festival Events

Festival Events As A Way to Promote your Brand

Recently we have been seeing a real festival fever that captured the whole world. There are a wide variety of festival events you can visit: sports festivals, subculture festivals, food festivals and the most popular ones – music, movie and theater festivals. A festival is an extremely interesting and multifaceted format of an event, which can unite a large number of like-minded people, embody many ideas and solve a number of strategic tasks. One of such tasks is advertising and brand promotion.

When traditional advertising becomes ineffective, and there are many identical offers on the market, manufacturers are increasingly choosing event marketing way to promote their brands and implement their marketing strategy.

Festival events, usually held in a form of celebrations, are a fairly common way of promoting goods and services. Many companies act as sponsors and partners of the country’s leading festivals. Usually they are responsible for a certain zone of activity or services. For example, there can be an informational sponsor, food and beverage sponsors, etc.

Sometimes large organizations and companies organize their own personal (branded) festivals. How effective is such festival as a brand promotion tool? What benefits does a company get by launching a festival?

First of all, any participation in such an events increases brand recognition. Also it provides a favorable impact on the image of the company. Secondly, the format of the festival is perfectly suited for holding various special propositions and promotions aimed at stimulating sales. Thirdly, they provide an opportunity to accurately reach your target audience and create emotional connections with people.


Festival Events Create an Emotional Impact

By creating an event that advertises your brand, you invite the audience to participate in your promotion. Being a spectator or participant of your festival event, an attendee feels involvement in the activity of your brand. Speaking as a sponsor, you get the attention of the audience, regardless of its relation to your company. In addition, your brand gets emotionally connected with the cultural and life values a sponsored event propagates.

For example, by sponsoring a sports festival, you state that the value of your brand is a healthy lifestyle. Sponsoring an event for children you link your brand with such values as family and kids. Being a sponsor of a music festival you say that freedom, communication, modernity and innovation are important values for your company.

Festival Event as A Promotional Tool

While being a sponsor of a particular festival event you can utilize many channels of marketing communication. Among traditional elements here are the sponsor’s logo placed on the printed and digital means of advertisement of the event, placement of banners, tv and radio commercials, etc.

In fact, the possibilities of advertising your brand during a festival are almost limitless. Do not be afraid to use imagination to come up with some new and unexpected ways of promotion, most likely they will bring more effect. Of course, these methods should fit in both the format of the event and its image. For example, handing out a small souvenir to the guests of a festival event or a small amusing performance with the participation of your brand can be much more effective and memorable way of brand promotion than traditional prize drawings. Many events allow conducting promoting such as “a gift for purchase” or simply leafleting or sampling.