How to Organize a Marketing Event

We have already learned a lot about event marketing and what forms it can take. It is time to talk about how to organize a marketing event and to do it efficiently so that every cent spent on it will return to you in the future. There are 3 basic steps on how to prepare a promotional event for your business.

Step One

To begin with, you must determine what you want to achieve holding an even and what tasks for this should be set.

The next step at this stage is to identify the target audience. Who do you create this event for?

After analyzing where your target audience is gathered, direct your marketing efforts to inform people through the following channels. It can be business pages and forums in social medias, business newspapers, TV channels, radio programs, etc.

Then it is important to determine the time and place for your event. Entrepreneurs and business people always have a busy schedule. On the other hand, they plan this schedule themselves therefore they can visit an interesting event if its value is higher than current affairs.

The venue is also of great importance. The event can be interesting, useful, and important, but an an inappropriate place won’t just let you have as many visitors as you would like to.

Make sure that the place is also accessible, especially for public transport. Sometimes, especially at rush hour, it’s easier to park the car in a parking lot near the nearest station and get to the designated place by a subway, saving time on traffic jams. Having made the most comfortable and accessible venue and time of the event, you are guaranteed to achieve high attendance.

organize a marketing event

Step Two

In the second stage it is important to prepare the event itself. To do this, you must have an understanding of the content of the event, its script, and the show.

There can’t be any improvisation at this stage, and if you have it, it can only be a well-planned one.

When the plan of the event is prepared, the texts, the show, the closing and all the other nuances are thought out, you can move on to the next stage, which is called ‘marketing for marketing’.

Step Three

Marketing for marketing means that we, through the use of marketing tools, increasing the interest of potential customers, and drive traffic to our event.

As we have already said, it is important to determine your target audience. Your target audience will identify the sources of visitors attraction and your advertising budget.

To attract your audience you can use both online and offline marketing tools. Online channels of communication are websites, landing pages, direct marketing, SMM, targeting, retargeting, press releases, E-mail marketing, Youtube channel, forums, etc.

If your target audience is diverse, you need to invest some time and efforts to make a separate advertisement, banners and landing pages for each target group, creating a unique offer for each of the groups. 

Promotion offline will include media, TV, advertising on the radio, outdoor advertising, press conferences, autograph sessions, etc.

Post Production

The last step you need to do in terns of organize a marketing event is Post-production. It is what needs to be done after the event. If the venue is over it does not mean the the work is done as well, everything is just beginning!

It is necessary to collect all contacts, photo reports, video reports, launch post-releases, put all information on sites and social medias.