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Winners SkyFest V

4-30-11 ...  judging completed in all categories! Thanks to all who participated! --Ralph

SkyFest V Festival Winners

Awards 1-4 in each category get a trophy, CASH prize, and certificate. Other entries that the judges felt worthy of recognition receive a Certificate of Excellence. We also have some Honorable Mentions this time. Tell your friends about SkyFest, the film festival for filmmakers and scriptwriters! Thanks again. --Ralph

Best Overall

A short film (web series) wins Best Overall this year. Congratulations to Karma's a Bitch! 


Features are fiction and 60 minutes or longer in length.


Palmetto Haunting

2 Section 5
3 Project: Threshold
4 Mortem
cert Chick Flick
honorable Un-Human
honorable Sixty in 60
honorable Gone With the Hurricane

Short Film

Fiction under 60 minutes in length. As short as you like.

1 Pool Pirates
2 Quirk of Fate
3 That Extra Dimension
4 Wife in Shining Armor
cert Käpy
cert Good Versus Evil
cert Plight of the Earth Fairy
cert Room Service
cert What's Up?
cert Plaid
cert Trio
cert L.A. Love Story Part 1
cert Thirty-Three Cents
cert The Paro Olympics
cert Just A Nibble
cert Lorelei
cert Touch
cert Branches
cert The Last Dinner
cert Hullaballoo(n)
honorable Monkey Mind
honorable Toast
honorable A Few Reasons to Cuss
honorable Still Waters Run Deep
honorable Blue Curtain
honorable Firewater
honorable Path to Prologue
honorable The Project

Feature Documentary

Nonfiction of all types 60 minutes or longer.

1 Hooligans At War
2 Press 1 for English
3 One-way Round Trip
4 Clickin' for Love
cert Left By The Ship
cert Attack of the Stobe Hobo
cert Zeitgeist: Moving Forward
honorable Death By Medicine
honorable The Return of Mars

Short Documentary

Whatever length you feel covers the subject.

1 Legends of Flight
2 Stepping into the Stream
3 BeatBoxing
4 Until We Meet Again
cert Grow & Share
cert Ghosts Around the Piano
cert All Tangled Up '10 the Doc!
cert It's Cool to Adopt
cert A Week in the Life of a Humanitarian Assistance Organization
honorable Haiti Earthquake 2010


Animated films of any length or type.

1 Little Gobie
2 Surviving Hunger
3 Spirit of the Bluebird
4 The Golden Coin
honorable The Shepherd Boy and the Wolf
honorable The Ninjews: "Goy-L" Trouble


Film, stage, or teleplay scripts of any length.

1 Paul Revere
2 Phantom Skater
3 Elan, Elan
4 Jenna's Gone
cert Rawbone
cert Secret Asian Man
cert A Heritage of Honor
cert True Love Needs…Help!
cert Glory Days
cert The Shadow People
cert Etched in Blood
cert The Olive Branch
cert Lucid Dreams of Wickedness
cert Death in Time
cert A Man of His Word
cert Shoreline Times
cert Pot Shop
cert The Life and Crimes of Dudley Segal
cert Canvas
cert Tropical
cert Batter Up
cert Lucas Donovan Forever
cert Trigger Man: Redemption
cert Which Way to Williamsburg
cert One More River to Cross
honorable The Way the Ball Bounces
honorable Poor August
honorable Discord
honorable 13 Stations
honorable Magnitude
honorable Mixed Metaphor
honorable Sunset Fire
honorable Wonder Woman
honorable Love or Obsession
honorable Sunny's Nights
honorable Hope Still
honorable Hymn
honorable Wrigley & King
honorable For Cara
honorable Saturation
honorable Public Persona
honorable Second Lunch
honorable The Heckler
honorable Boats Against the Current
honorable Throuogh Laura's Eyes
honorable A Clear Field
honorable Burn
honorable In The Files
honorable Pop Film
honorable Journal
honorable Lost in China
honorable Four Colored Girls


If you are a student (and we will ask the winners to prove this status) with any sort of film, enter it in this category.

1 The Lighthouse
2 The Birds Upstairs
3 Soliloquy
4 Late November