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All entries are accepted to compete for the final awards!

The standard entry fee is US$40.00, regardless of length and category *(remember, all categories share equally in the award money!)*


How It Works!


   1. A full fifty-percent of all money we take in, primarily entrance fees and advertising revenues, goes into the awards fund. NO expenses or anything else is charged against this fund (and the money goes into escrow as it comes in, protected for you to WIN!).

   2. ALL expenses come out of the other half of the money and, (if that's not enough) out of our pockets, but that's not your problem and never will be.

   3. We give trophies and money for Best Overall and 1st through 4th in each category along with a number of Certificates of Excellence in each category. Your odds of receiving an award are MUCH better for this festival than any other I know!

   4. Trophies and certificates are substantial and classy.

   5. The awards fund is shared out in this manner: 12.5% goes to Best Overall. In each of the seven categories, the winner gets 6% of the overall award fund, second place 3.5%, third place 2% and 4th place 1%. 1st to 4th place winners get trophies and other entries that score over 50 points in the judging will receive a Certificate of Excellence. Other entries that the judges feeel show potential are awarded an Honorable Mention laurel. Great odds, huh?

   6. If there is just one entry in a category, that entry automatically wins first place. (This, by the way, is in response to a pet peeve of mine about film festivals, several times I've had the only entry in a category and NOT been awarded the prize because of 'not enough participation' and this will durn well NOT happen at SkyFest! If you win, you WIN!)

   7. You can enter as many films as you like in as many categories as you like. You can even enter the same film in more than one category. IF there is a reasonable case it fits each area (paying the standard fee for each category, of course).

   8. The regular entry fee is US$40.00, regardless of length and category *(remember, all categories share equally in the award money and there will be no waivers or other freebies!)*

  9.  Entry fees are the same for each category because each category shares equally in the award money.

  10. Judges are professionals in the industry. All decisions of the judges are final.

 It's a simple and very fair concept. Don't miss out! Enter today.