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Featured Film, RENOVATION

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Featured Scriptwriter, SkyFest III

Mike Resnick

multi Hugo and Nebula winner

Mike Resnick, science Fiction AuthorI've written two screenplays to date, both commissioned by the producers (I know better than to spec a script to Hollywood). They are SANTIAGO, which I wrote for Capella and is now in the hands of Wayfarer, and THE WIDOWMAKER, which I wrote for Miramax. Both were based on my own novels. SANTIAGO is slouching -very- slowly toward production; THE WIDOWMAKER may get made someday, but not with that screenplay, which is still the property of Miramax.

I've had some short films made from my books and stories. "Metal Tears" (live action) and "Machines Don't Cry" (computer-generated) were both based on my story "Robots Don't Cry"; and "Don't Take God's Name in Vain" is based on my novel THE BRANCH. Doug Cisternos of Thousand Beauty Films is currently making short of my parody, "His Award-Winning Science Fiction Story". And I have 9 novels and stories currently under option.

As a science fiction writer, I couldn't wait for CGI to come of age so we'd stop seeing these laughably poor effects. Well, now anything you can imagine CGI can put on the screen in believable form -- but too many filmmakers are letting goshwowboyoboy effects substitute for plot and characterization, which are all but nonexistant these days.

Let me put it another way. Science fiction has been my life: I've been writing and editing it professionally for over 40 years... yet when I make my list of my top 50 films, there's not a single science fiction film on it. It is -not- the failing of the genre.

-- Mike Resnick