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  • SkyFest
    SkyFest Film & Script Festival The mission of SkyFest is to recognize, honor, and further the career of talented filmmakers and screenwriters. This is accomplished in two ways: 1. By the awarding of numerous quality trophies and certificates of excellence and 2. By awarding a significant portion of the proceeds for the entire festival as cash prizes to the winners in each of the nine categories, plus a prize for Best Overall. Please isit our extensive site at for more details.

  • 1VIDeo Productions, LLC
    Creativity and Innovation in video We know the technology of producing video and we KNOW how to create national-level CONTENT and we've been doing it for over 30 years. That's a rare combination! Follow our production and services news by subscribing to this list. And please visit our site at

  • (formerly URTVforums) is an extensive resource for those interested in public access television and video production in general. Check out our many hundreds of articles at and subscribe to this list for the latest news.


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