Event Planning

Jobs and Roles Within the Event Planning Industry

If you are looking for a career in the event planning industry, there are many roles available. They all may involve different skills and knowledge. I’d like to give you an idea about some of the job options within this industry. I hope this information will be useful and help you land the perfect job that’s right for you.

The Event Planning Industry

First of all, event planning isn’t as simple as planning and throwing a party, despite what other people may believe. The ability to plan an event and make sure it runs smoothly, working under a budget and time limit, and dealing with lots of people – as well as handling complaints – are all elements within this industry. If you work independently as a self-employed events-planner, then you will need to be good at all of these things. But if you work in a company, you probably will be dealing with only one or two elements of this.

The ‘Ideal’ Event Planner

You don’t necessarily need a background in event planning. In fact you might come from a background in the hospitality industry, administration, customer service or IT. But some skills that will come in handy include: multi-tasking, organization, time-management, creativity, flexibility, budgeting, and communication. It also helps to have knowledge in the area that interest you, such as venues, catering, entertainment or decorating. Every event will have a certain goal or target to meet, and successful event planners will make sure that the client meets that goal and that their company or brand is advertised successfully. Whether you are planning for a seminar, conference, trade show or convention, your organization and attention to detail are necessary to ensure you meet the clients’ requirements.

The Different Types of Jobs

If you are interested in working for a corporation, you will likely find roles such as Event Coordinator, Event Operations Manager, Event Analyst and Marketing Coordinator. Corporate events include roles working in product launches, conventions, trade shows and marketing events. If you like dealing with logistics and financial management, a corporate role may also suit you. Most industries have event planning opportunities, but technology and consumer goods are often likely to have job roles available.

If you would prefer working for an association, non-profit organization or company, you might want to take a look at roles within charitable organizations, hotels and restaurants or even museums and art galleries. Overseeing these events and dealing with management and the finances are often roles you will meet in these areas. You can also find roles within the travel and tourism industry and the sports industry too. You may also find the following roles interesting: Event Tech Expert or Social Media Coordinator.

If you know what your skills and interests are, you should also keep your eyes open for jobs that may not have an events planning title, but will actually fit your skills and requirements, but perhaps come under a different name.
Hopefully this has opened your eyes a little to the abundance of roles available. Whether you are fresh from college or university, or you are looking for a career change, I hope I have inspired you to find the right job for you. Best of luck in your job hunting!