trade shows as an elemebt of event marketing

Trade Shows As an Element of Event Marketing

Trade shows is one of the most popular forms of event marketing. This venue is able to gather the best representatives of the industry and potential consumers in one place, at one time. This provides ideal conditions for demonstrating brand in the best light, introducing new products to customers and attracting new prospects. Let’s take a closer look to what you should do to succeed at trade shows.

A Memorable Display is Vital

Unlike other forms of event-marking, when exhibiting, the key element of the event is rather your booth. But it doesn’t mean you should present a static display. On the contrary, it will not superfluous to add dynamic support with the use of multimedia content (video, audio presentations), which provide a non-stop presentation of the product. It is important to provide a bright and vivid display, long remembered by potential customers. The best aid in providing memorable presentation is an exhibit with individual design. It is vital to find a reliable manufacturer with extended knowledge about booth design, materials and regulations. Exhibe Custom is one of the leader suppliers of made-to-order displays with 30 years of experience in this business.

The booth location and its layout are also important in order to gain more visitors. In fact, the goal of most of the trade shows is to drawing as many attendees as possible. No matter how many events you have under your belt, it is useful to know all the booth design tips that will help you to command attention and create a memorable exhibiting environment.

Content is Important

presentation at a trade showBecause a trade show is, first of all, an event, you should pay attention to content, script and performance. The content of the presentation should correspond with the audience, venue, time and information. Every detail, from the booth design to the artists’ performances, should be correctly embedded in the concept of the event and be cohesive. The entertaining part shouldn’t be too long. Advertising and entertainment elements ought to be organic and relevant. You can complement the work at the display with presentations. They can take place both within a display or go beyond it. However, it is necessary to keep the balance, because noisy presentations will not allow conducting business negotiations. It is better to hold only one large presentation for the entire venue. If necessary, you can conduct presentations also on each exhibition day, appointing time and notifying potential customers in advance.

Information Support of Trade Shows

Pay a particular attention to information support of the event. Of course, the audience must find out about your exhibiting in advance. Depending on the format and scale of the event a period from one month to two weeks is usually sufficient for local events. You can choose different forms of notification depending on the format of the event and target audience. For example, direct marketing is suitable when the circle of invited people (business representatives) is known in advance and limited. If the event is open and massive advertising through media is favorable. For local events you can also pick outdoor advertising and leafleting. And of course do not forget about Internet marketing.

Do not forget that organization of any kind of event requires thorough preparation, special skills and knowledge. In this regard, companies often apply to event planning agencies or create a position of event-manager within the staff. An event manager should have a whole range of knowledge and skills. They include communication skills, planning, trade show rules and regulations. Also this kind of a specialist must know new trends in this area, how to use necessary equipment, and much more.